lauantai 8. heinäkuuta 2017

Second day and getting to know Finland

Well the night went not so well... no wonder why, I had 4 tyres with me.. and in the morning I realised door was open.  

So I decided to have this automatic door opener as sleeping key. Not just the dashboard button 

Normally I can use just the normal key.

Then one thing.. you have to go out always from the sidedoor, back door has not opener.. or i havent found it😂. Is there?

So I woke up pritty early. 

First cows- 3:55

Second ones at  5:39

Third ones at 10:45

 Bought their cheese also - made by Heikkilän Juustola.

After fixing tires to storige We rode again.

To the national nature  park and traditional farm.

Then one of my biggest favorite singer's  trad place, where he used to visit.. Rauli Badding Somerjoki.

He is someone you should all check out.

And now we can have a little rest... 
Thank you #berlingo #northernmoo is so happy

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