maanantai 10. heinäkuuta 2017

Fourth day

Harjavalta evening was just amezing. Best place, best view, toilet.. and there was no one else in the late evening, just us. 

Wilco from my jbl and reading.

Some locals visited parking place during evening... just drove a rund and went away. Checking a stranger I guess

In the morning swimming and we were ready again. 

Day time we had some exciting driving at hydro power station- on top of dam. Other side Water and other exciting view if you dont like high places

And then Nakkila. Nakkila has good  Second hand shop, Berlingo "be lingo" , didn't get any decoration, but I found just perfect summer hat.

And Nakkila has an old style bensin station ❤️

So this was road trip for now... next few days it will be some "working" days for me. 

After that new roadtrips are waiting for us.

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