sunnuntai 1. heinäkuuta 2018

On the road again!

Boat to Estonia Tallin And right away to Pärnu and .. well Pärnu wasn’t anything to stay for us, so we drove a little bit further... from there was one hotel about 50 km south. 

And what a great choise that was, cos on our way there was old Kosmonauts holiday centre "Kosmonautika Holiday Centre". It used to be a holiday destination for long-serving cosmonauts. 

And there was some Highland cattle. Lovely ones on windy shore.


Somehow I fell I want to go back there. 

Lebanina hotel has some bungalows.

Basic ones, and cos the weather is so cold and windy- warmer is a life saver.

Price is cheap, breakfast included and so is morning Sauna. 

I think this place can be like heaven in REAL summer time. Sound landscape ❤️ and the view.

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