tiistai 10. heinäkuuta 2018

Hot Air balloons and happy ride

In Lithuenia one stop was Kaunas. 100 #HotAir Balloons Fiesta 100 #OroBallionu Fiesta

We got change to work: Berlingo was good to find right departure and landing places and then I had change to work with getting balloon up and down and packed. Great work and thing to do. I’m in love ❤️.

Once I had a change to get one 1 hour ride, and can you even imagine we landed to field where cows were having their supper ūüėā. 

Those hot air balloons,  it was like you are not in this world at all, you are in fairytail. From the ground or the sky, happy, beautiful and  soft fairytail. Sounds, air and visual view; you are part of something where you can feel home in the fairytail. MOOism feelings. 

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