sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2018

First contact!

Berlingo wanted to watch from the distance-

I dared to go closer.

Dared in deed...those cows were so big with great horns. 

They were curious, like finnish cows seems to be always(in Sweden, no way that social and curious ones) and the same minute we stopped, some of them started to come closer. Very close indeed. Huj. I was talking to them "that never mind me, just wanting to take some photos, never mind me...."

I wonder when the first angry farmer comes to me and says that "don’t you talk to my cows grazy woman"🙈.

"Umh sorry, I just trying to be and impress idea of an artist, kind of, grazy, well maybe."

This place was called #rajaharju and they are producing milk for #valio- called #valiomaitotila.

All the Valio farms has their own logo with this design:

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