perjantai 18. kesäkuuta 2021

Cow camp is over and I´m in love

Not in years, I´ve felt that my life stays behind, that its not here anymore, where I am. 

Thought this will never happen again, that it was just young silly one who can think and feel so.
But no, it happened, now in my fifties, it happened, my heart and mind is with those lovely cows at Ilomantsi. 

Is it the Karelian soul that is now crying? 

So if you ever want to have experience of your lifetime stay at Cowcamp lehmäleiri

Or just enjoy some nights here Maukkulan Mustikkamäki.

Cow lady Riitta-Miina was relentless and kind to teach all of us to milk a cow with bare hands and machine. As an educator I can say that she was the master.  True Jedi Instructer. And now she has one  that will follow.

 kuva Erja Nylund -Kahva

Got some sound- 
 kuva Erja Nylund -Kahva

I think this is my best selfie ever :D

The bed and breakfast place and the owner Lady Anita Timonen, oh my god how I miss you too.  Anita makes best food, she has own bakery too- super woman I say!

This is Anita, and SHE have one MOO now too :D

Some lovely bakery goods to Helsinki, karelien pies made to Kyyttö -milk (Kyyttö is traditional old finnish cow breed)
Even that we woke up at 6 am to have breakfast and then morning milking at 7 am.  I had some energy to paint

We made some cheese from the milk that we milked.


Best time, I miss you so.

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