keskiviikko 26. kesäkuuta 2019

Trip to Midnight Balloonmeeting, Sotkamo

One trip this summer is to Midnight Balloon Meeting (Vuokatti, Sotkamo, about 480 km from Helsinki). Route nor places to visiting places or overnight places, on the way are not planned.

 #MOObil dearest Berlingo has some new equipment-
Rear ”tent”. I made it from the projector/light net- and magnets.
Its not perfect, because of  far too few magnets. So I need to sew some more, when ever I get more magnets.

And cos theres several MOOs traveling, we have tent next to MOObil.

First night was in Warkaus #Kuntoranta Camping place 
Deasent place, with 27euros you have sauna and spa in the morning.

If you ever visit Varkaus Finland remember to visit ”Mechanical music museum -Life is a big Circus”

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